This browser extension helps you learn words in other languages while reading online

In July, I binged three seasons of the sci-fi Netflix show Dark in a week. The whole show was in German, and I was so obsessed with it, I started learning the language through Duolingo, and I’m happy to inform you that I’m currently on a 71-day streak in the app.

While Duolingo is great for my learning experience, I wanted something to help expand my German vocabulary without spending too much time. Thankfully, I stumbled upon this useful Chrome extension called Toucan.

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The tool’s idea is nifty and simple: choose a language you’re learning and it’ll show you words in that tongue in articles you’re reading. It’ll highlight the words in the language of your choice — in my case, German — in the article. You can hover over those words to learn their meaning in English, and even understand how to pronounce them.