The Blog Is Dead. Long Live the Blog!

February 07, 2014

The Blog Is Dead. Long Live the Blog!

(No, this isn’t quite my last post here. I think I’ve got one more left in me.)

I’m so pleased that many folks have asked that I keep blogging after leaving Adobe. I’ve therefore set up an embryonic new blog at—wait for it—


Yes, the design is a work in progress! (Tips & WordPress expertise are all most welcome.)

I plan to point out interesting news about Adobe products when I see news, useful tips, and so forth. (My primary interest has always been in creative people and the work they do, not to any particular company or product.) I won’t, of course, speak on Adobe behalf (not, technically, that I ever did) or disclose anything non-public.

And what about Google and its products? We shall see. Amazing as this sounds, I didn’t start blogging about Adobe until I’d worked here for more than 5 years. By then I clearly knew the lay of the land, knew what was okay to say & what wasn’t, etc. I’d never want to speak out of turn at the new shop, so I expect to take a pretty restrained approach for the foreseeable future.

Thus I can promise you an ongoing stream of the photography, videos, illustration, and other work that I find inspiring. If that’s up your alley, please join me at the new digs. (Here’s the RSS feed address.)

Posted by John Nack at 12:05 PM on February 07, 2014

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