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Social media up in arms over Indian remake of Pakistani classic

Pakistanis have been left scandalised, their mouths agape in horror, as an Indian music channel chose to make its own rendition of Junoon’s classic hit ‘Sayonee’ with Arijit Singh.

Released by T-Series on Tuesday, the Arijit Singh remake has raised a lot of eyebrows in Pakistan and left a bitter taste, with music aficionados remembering the 90s era when the Sayonee original song first hit the market.

Needless to say, Pakistanis are outraged over what they have claimed is “legit call to war” and saying Singh “will most probably ruin it”.

Here are some of the best reactions:

‘We destroy their planes they destroy our songs’


‘Shouldn’t mess with the classics’

‘Call to war’

A reaction in emojis

‘Full fraud’

International court of justice, anyone?

‘Ruined’ a song about spiritual love

Someone left a comment on Singh’s career and it was … uhhhhh, destructive!

Did Salman Ahmed ‘sell this song to them’?

Worse than US Elections 2020!

2020 and the ‘damage to humanity’

Some others, however, were a bit lenient.

‘How is this a bad thing?’

‘Far better job than Rahat Fateh Ali Khan’

‘No remake can top the classic’

In fact, even a cross-border music lover also had the same thoughts as many Pakistanis do.

And someone actually shared a clip of the original song in the comments…

… and they won!

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