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Security forces eliminate high profile terrorist Wasim Zakaria through IBO in Mir Ali: DG ISPR


10:07 PM | September 07, 2020

 According to the Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR), security forces on Monday eliminated wanted high-profile terrorist Wasim Zakaria,

ISPR confimed that IBO in Mir Ali resulted in killing five militants as well arrest of 10 other terrorists 

Commander Wasim Zakaria had been a mastermind of 30 terrorist attacks. He was from the Haider Khel area and since September 2019. He had also attacked an army convoy at Hasu Khel. 

“Terrorist Wasim was involved in target killing activities and the martyrdom of CSS officer Zubaidullah Dawar,” said the ISPR in a statement, adding that the militant was also directly involved in attacks on security forces. 

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