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PTI’s Jahangir Tareen to be back in Pakistan this month: sources

Former PTI general-secretary Jahangir Khan Tareen. — Facebook/Files

Former PTI general-secretary and once one of the closest confidantes of Prime Minister Imran Khan, Jahangir Khan Tareen will return to Pakistan this month, sources told Geo News.

It has been reliably learnt that Tareen will be back in Pakistan. When this correspondent contacted the former PTI general secretary in London, he confirmed the news but did not give a date as to when he will. Tareen, however, said that he will be back in Pakistan within this month.

However, the source shared with this correspondent that he will be back in Pakistan through an Emirates flight shortly. It is learnt that Tareen has already booked the ticket but there has been no confirmation of the flight.

Tareen had reached London around seven months ago and since then he has been holed up in his Hampshire country home after arriving here in a chartered plane – immediately after the publication of the Sugar Commission report.

The former PTI General Secretary and business magnate left Pakistan after the Sugar Commission report was made public by the PTI government and there have been speculations ever since about Tareen’s activities but this reporter has learnt through highly credible sources that the PTI stalwart has not held any political meetings in the last six weeks – as reported in some sections of the media.

Tareen had arrived in London a few months ago for medical treatment, according to his son. He arrived in the city around three months ago with his son, Ali Khan Tareen, and has been living just outside of London ever since. The PTI leader has kept a low profile throughout.

Once Prime Minister Imran Khan’s closet confidante and the main sponsor of the PTI’s operations, the former PTI secretary-general is aggrieved at the way he has been treated by those who are considered the eyes and ears of PM Imran Khan.

Known for his acumen and sharp political skills, Tareen is credited by his allies and foes both for helping the PTI for several years when there was hardly anyone else around to do the heavy lifting. He’s credited with spending his own money to help the party gain media mileage and to make inroads in other parties ahead of general elections two years ago.

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