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Promotion rules ‘framed correctly’ | The Express Tribune


The Islamabad High Court (IHC) has ruled that restraining the court from interfering in the promotion of bureaucrats is in accordance with constitutional powers as unnecessary interference could affect the relevant authority’s better policy-making plan.

A division bench, headed by Chief Justice Athar Minallah, issued a 68-page detailed verdict on a petition filed by bureaucrats, including Lahore CCPO Omar Sheikh, for their promotion.

The court ruled that the applications for the promotion of bureaucrats in grades 20 and 21 were rejected and that the Civil Servant Promotion Rules 2019 were framed correctly.

The court also ruled that it was not correct to assume that the prime minister would want to appoint incompetent and corrupt bureaucrats, remarking that the prime minister and the cabinet members are elected representatives of the people and are answerable to parliament.

The bench remarked that it is the responsibility of the executive to make appropriate appointments through promotions, adding that relevant authorities can be the best judges in making promotions policy.

The bench maintained that unnecessary court intervention can affect the relevant authority’s better policy-making plan as more interference in the matter of promotions can also have consequences for governance.

The court ruled that the recommendations of the Central Selection Board regarding promotions are impartial, non-biased.

“It is in accordance with the constitutional authority to refrain from interfering in publicity matters while the government has the right to raise standards to improve service performance.”

The bench maintained that effective governance of the country depends on the quality of government employees.

“Every pillar of the state has the responsibility to uphold constitutional limits in the exercise of its powers.”

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