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Poem recited by Anwar Maqsood a few years ago on Karachi’s dismal situation goes viral

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A poet on the dismal situation of Karachi recited by renowned playwright, poet, actor and TV personality Anwar Maqsood from a few years ago, went viral as rains exposed the city’s poor infrastructure.

The situation of Pakistan’s largest city, where the metropolis’ main arteries remained submerged in water and its residents deprived of power for over 50 hours, hasn’t changed much over the years.

In the video clip, Anwar delves into a poem about how even wild beasts in jungles have a system whereby they care for each other and look out for one another when calamities and dangers strike them. The poem paints a vivid picture of how even lions stop hunting when they’ve had enough and birds look after each others’ nests when their eggs are about to fall.

In analogies, the verses of the poem paint a vivid picture of how Karachiites are deprived of even the “law of the jungle” where chaos may seem to be the order of the day, yet there is a system that enables life to go on.

Rain-related incidents kill 47 in Karachi

At least 47 people have been killed in the metropolis in various rain-related incidents.

Many areas of the city, such as Defence, Clifton, Surjani Town and others remain submerged even after three days of no rain.

Defence Housing Authority’s Ittehad Commercial Area remains flooded, while in Naya Nazimabad, people were reported to have used boats to move from one area to another.

Several areas of Clifton and PECHS also remain submerged with some underpasses still awaiting drainage of water

In New Karachi and Surjani Town, the streets and small alleyways also remain choked with rainwater

As a result, due to the stagnant water, roads in the entire city have been dealt a great deal of damage. The main arteries of Shahrah-e-Faisal and University Road, besides Gulbahar road have large patches where the road has completely sunk.

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