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PM’s aide asks Nawaz Sharif to return to country


Adviser to the Prime Minister on Interior Shahzad Akbar on Thursday lambasted Nawaz Sharif saying that the former premier should return to the country and serve his sentence.

In a statement, the PM’s aide noted that the Supreme Court had disqualified the three-time former prime minister and declared that he was not honest (sadiq) and righteous (ameen).

He further said that according to the high court and accountability court’s decision, the PML-N chief was an absconder.

“Except for this reality, [everything about] Nawaz is fiction,” he said.

Akbar maintained that those who claimed Sharif would come back to Pakistan were misleading the people.

“In fact, the government, court and institutions are working to bring him [Nawaz Sharif] back,” he said.

The PM’s aide said that Shehbaz Sharif was in a state of “bewilderment” as he had given the guarantee for his brother and was in the NAB’s custody.

He alleged that the PML-N had been involved in money laundering and tried to deviate the attention of people whenever the government spoke about their “corrupt practices”.

“The PML-N carried out money laundering through fake accounts. Whenever the government raises this [money laundering] issue, Nawaz league leaders start speaking about inflation,” he said.

Akbar reiterated that the PTI was elected to government by the people’s vote and had been taking right decisions for them and repaying the debts taken by the PML-N government.

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