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PM directs IPC to make new Sports Map


Prime Minister Imran Khan directed the Minister for Inter-Provincial Coordination Dr Fehmida Mirza to restructure sports boards at the federal and provincial levels in consultation with stakeholders and formulate the country’s new Sports Map for the promotion of sports in the country.

The prime minister stressed the need to restructure the organisation for talent hunt and competition at the district level, saying the process would start the revival of sports in the country. He expressed this on Friday while chairing a meeting to review measures for promotion of sports across the country.

Imran expressed dissatisfaction over the prevailing structure of the organization, saying it has become inactive and discouraging national talent.

“Pakistan has immense potential for sports and players have made a name for themselves in cricket, hockey, squash and other traditional sports over the years,”

said the prime minister, adding unfortunately performance in sports gradually became substandard due to nepotism, corruption, incompetence and discouragement of merit.

During the meeting, the premier said players should be encouraged and provided an ideal platform for the promotion of sports, especially those who were outstanding and have exhibited remarkable performance at national and traditional sports events.

Mirza briefed Imran on the steps being taken for the reorganization of the institution in light of his vision to promote sports, merit and transparency in the country.

The minister said the executive committee of the Pakistan Sports Board has been reconstituted and a new organizational structure was being formulated in light of the recommendations of professional management consultants.

The PM was also given a detailed briefing on the steps and preparations for holding the 14th South Asian Games in the country in 2021.

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