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Pakistan’s teleclinic to provide health services to war-affected people of Yemen


A Pakistan’s health start-up will provide medical services through its online platform in Yemen amid ongoing conflict and humanitarian crisis.

Amid the novel coronavirus pandemic, Educast – a telehealth platform – is playing a pivotal role by providing maternity and childcare services by female doctors based in Saudi Arabia, United States, United Kingdom, Canada and other countries through its online platform.

Educast’s founder Abdullah Butt said his platform has been granted permission to operate at a government hospital in the Yemeni provincial capital, Zanjibar.

The e-clinic will provide medical care to children and women who are affected by war.

The online platform comprising Pakistani licensed female doctors based in 15 countries, is not only Yemen’s first telehealth solution, but will also be the first project in any country in the world to provide medical and physiotherapy services to war-affected communities through telehealth clinics.

A telemedicine clinic set up in Yemen by Educast will also train paramedical staff to provide treatment to local communities in medical camps.

Abdullah Butt also said that the Educast would extend its services to other eastern parts of the war-hit country.

The virtual medical platform will also provide counselling to the women suffering from psychological problems and for this purpose Singapore-based renowned psychologist Andalib Qazi will provide her services.

The devastation caused by the prolonged internal conflicts and war has given rise to the mental health problems in the country.

The Educast, a provider of state-of-the-art telehealth solutions, has also recently received a grant from the Islamic Development Bank to help reduce child mortality rate in Pakistan and provide medical facilities through revolutionary digital health services.

The Educast’s project involves 800 female doctors who have been given an opportunity to enhance their skills.

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