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Pakistanis share jokes, memes amid US Election 2020 frenzy

Saul Loeb & L.E. Baskow/Files

The US Election 2020 results have started to roll in in what may be the most “historic” election in America’s recent history.

In breathless TV coverage, political analysts lay out predictions, while the world watches, glued to its television sets.

But for some on Pakistan’s social media, the US election is the butt of all election jokes, with users sharing jokes and memes amid the US Election 2020 frenzy.

Here are some of the hilarious tweets that are sure to distract you from the tense atmosphere:

Donald… Sharif?

As polls come to an end in the US, one Twitter user shared a screenshot of Donald Trump tweeting: “Vote ko izzat dou,” or “respect the vote” — a popular chant of Pakistan’s former ruling party, the PML-N.

Pssst, don’t worry, that’s a doctored image. Hah!

A Pakistani touch to the US campaign

A Twitterati thought to combine the Opposition’s anti-government rallies in Pakistan and Donald Trump’s dance with the PPP’s anthem and that’s all you need to see today.

A map of where?

When Donald Trump Junior tweeted his prediction of how the US polls will turn out, he mistook the US for the world. A map he shared on Twitter showed Pakistan in the red camp, while India turned blue.

We are still scratching our heads over this one.

Undecided vs decided Pakistanis

A Twitterati pointed out the irony of Pakistanis who take little interest in their own election but keenly follow the US polls.

Seeing the polls coming to an end, both Trump and Biden took to addressing their supporters at night and, needless to say, this happened:

‘White man’

But at the end of the day, the real question comes down to this:

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