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Pakistani hospitals yet to reach 50% beds occupancy for COVID-19

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A report  by the World Health Organization has stated that till now less than 50% of hospital beds earmarked for those infected with coronavirus in Pakistan have been utilized.

As per the report, dated May 19, Pakistan has set aside 21,085 beds in public hospitals across the country for patients of the novel virus. Of these, 9,919 have been occupied, which comes to nearly 47% of the total.

Furthermore, of the hospitalised, nearly 4% are in critical condition.

The total number of confirmed cases in Pakistan, as of Thursday, is 46,915. While, the virus has killed 1,003 people.

Since some patients are housed in hospitals, a large majority, around 20,000 have been isolated in homes or at designated isolation facilities, the report adds.

Last week, Punjab allowed asymptomatic patients of the virus to self-isolate at home, provided that government officials regularly check on them to ensure that proper safety guidelines are being followed. After which, 475 applications for home isolation have now been accepted in the province, according to the daily situation report of Punjab’s Primary and Secondary Healthcare Department.  

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