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Pakistan traders say they will not comply with smart lockdown

Members of the All Pakistan Anjuman-e-Tajran (APAT) addressing a press conference. Photo: File 

LAHORE: Despite the growing number of coronavirus cases in the country, some traders have said that they will not comply with the government’s idea of a smart lockdown and will continue their business activities per usual.

As reported by Geo News,  the All Pakistan Anjuman-e-Tajran (APAT) President Ajmal recently held a press conference in  Lahore where they announced their decision. 

APAT President  Ajmal  Baloch and secretary Naeem Mir said that if the government tries to force traders to shut their shops early, they will join the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) and participate in its anti-government campaign.

“We will keep our shops, marriage halls as well as educational institutions open to sustain our businesses,” they said. “People know how to keep themselves safe from the virus. So many political parties are holding jalsas in the country, are those gatherings coronavirus free?”

The representatives said that this time, they will not comply with any lockdown rules because the earlier lockdown already caused them significant monetary losses.

“This incompetent, corrupt government has already financially ruined us by wasting millions of our hard-earned money under the guise of COVID-19,” the APAT members said.

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