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Pakistan observes Jumatul Wida amid coronavirus crisis

Jumatul Wida, the last Friday of the holy month of Ramadan, is being observed across the country today.

Jumatul Wida has a special significance as it leads to the departure of holy month of Ramadan and a sign of the Eid celebrations to come.

Millions of people, who fasted this month, will offer Friday prayers at mosques and at homes due to the situation caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

Imams and Khateebs in their sermons will stress upon Muslims to purify their souls through a greater dedication to prayer, seek forgiveness of Allah Almighty and being kind to fellow beings.

Ulema and religious leaders will urge greater Muslim unity and call for making the joint struggle for the emancipation of the Muslim world.

They will call for greater unity among Muslims to counter present-day challenges. On the occasion, special prayers will be offered for the progress and prosperity of Pakistan, unity of Muslims the world over and their emancipation.

Prayers will also be offered for the independence of Kashmir, Palestine, and other parts of the world where Muslims are engaged in the struggle for their right to self-determination.

Sindh not to observe strict lockdown

The Sindh government has decided not to impose a strict lockdown across the province for prayers on the last Friday of Ramadan.

The provincial government said that the mosques will observe congregational prayers but it asked citizens to offer prayers as per the SOPs laid out by the federal government.

On Wednesday, the provincial government had allowed citizens to offer Friday and Eid congregational prayers.

Earlier, due to the coronavirus pandemic there was a strict lockdown and a strict lockdown was imposed from 12pm to 3pm on Fridays.

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