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Pakistan issues safety measures for international flights

The safety measures included pre-embarkation, during flight, and post-disembarkation phases. — AFP

The Civil Aviation Authority Thursday issued COVID-19 measures for international passengers, chartered, and private flight operations between August 26 to October 31, 2020.

According to an official notification, the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) will come into effect from August 26 and will be followed in full compliance by all the airlines and operators.

The SOPs included pre-embarkation, during flight, and post-disembarkation phases.

The first phase included the disinfection of an aircraft from the airline and operator by a CAA official. The aircraft will be required to keep an inventory of essential PPE, safety gear as well.

As per the SOPs, the completion of an international passenger health declaration form by passengers or guardians will be the operator’s responsibility.

The guidelines said that passengers will be scanned through thermal devices for coronavirus before boarding.

“Boarding passes shall be issued with a gap of at least one adjacent seat. The off-duty crew will be accommodated on seats in such a way that the gap of at least one seat will be maintained,” the SOPs said.

Passengers were urged to wear masks and follow social distancing, in case of any apparent symptoms, they are to inform the cabin crew immediately.

The cabin crew were also urged to serve food and beverages with proper precautions during the flight and to spray disinfectant in the lavatories after every 60 minutes during a flight.

Upon arrival, passengers will submit health forms and will be scanned by thermal guns by the health authorities.

The SOPs mentioned that passengers will also undergo a short interview by the health authorities.

The guidelines said that no meet and greet will be allowed at the airport and the data of passengers and flight crew will be kept in the record by the authorities.

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