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‘Pakistan counts on Russia to supply COVID-19 Vaccine should need arise’ says Pak envoy to Russia

Russia would provide Pakistan with a coronavirus vaccine should such need arise in light of the thriving bilateral relations, Pakistani Ambassador to Russia Shafqat Ali Khan said on the sidelines of the Russia-hosted Army-2020 international forum on Tuesday.

“I am not in the position to comment on the purchase because we are still assessing various vaccines. But we know that if we need it, the Russian side will help us,” Khan said.

According to the ambassador, Pakistan looks at its relations with Russia “in a holistic way” as they are “not restricted to one particular area.”

“We are proud to say that Pakistan-Russia relations are historically at the strongest point,” Khan said, adding that the priorities of the bilateral ties are the political, economic and defense sectors.

The ambassador believes that the Russian-Pakistani cooperation is not only in the interest of the two countries, but also contributes to global stability and security.

The Army international military forum marks its sixth edition this year. It brings together state and military officials from dozens of countries annually to discuss the latest developments in the fields of defence and security. 

The forum also features a large-scale exhibit of newest models of military equipment and hardware in a range just outside Moscow.

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