Mr Bean all set to make a comeback as show co-writer

Islamabad    –   The character, portrayed by fellow writer Rowan Atkinson, first appeared on screen more than 30 years ago in the 1990 sitcom and was an instant hit with audiences. According to the report, the funnyman viewers are used to seeing will have become grumpier in his old age in Richard’s new version. Co-writer Richard, 64, said: ‘Old Bean is what we’re now thinking of doing.’ The series, which aired until 1995, was followed by two feature-length films with Rowan, 66, reprising his role in each. Fans of the show will get to re-live some of the character’s best moments in the ITV documentary Happy Birthday Mr. Bean which airs on Sunday. It comes after Rowan recently admitted he finds portraying Mr. Bean ‘stressful and exhausting’ – and hinted he will never play the role again. The actor is in the middle of developing an animated movie of the popular character, but said he finds ‘the weight of responsibility not pleasant’, meaning he ‘doesn’t much enjoy playing him’.


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