Model constitution for cricket clubs to help improve game: Nadeem

LAHORE-PCB Director High Performance Nadeem Khan on Monday explained the model constitution for cricket clubs and their affiliation and operation rules, and enhanced and performance-based revised domestic players’ contract structure.

Nadeem told this to the sports journalists during a virtual session held here on Monday afternoon. “The cricket has been divided into three levels under new model constitution of club cricket. The condition of having a level one coach for the club is to run cricket in the same way from the grassroots level in the country. The clubs have three different categories that are affiliated, associated and full member.

“The constitution has been made in such a way that it will help in getting rid of bogus clubs while it will support and boost those clubs, which do regular practice and training. With daily practice and nets, the genuine clubs will start generating funding while level-I qualified coach in the club will also boost the finances of the club, as it can also be run as an academy,” added the PCB Director High Performance. “I am hopeful that with new model constitution of club cricket and new salary structure of domestic cricket, the quality of cricket in Pakistan will surely improve and help in providing the country promising and quality cricketers. It will also help in boosting the finances of club as well as domestic cricket,” Nadeem asserted.

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