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Masses gave PTI order for change in nation two years back: Aleem Khan

Punjab Senior Minister Abdul Aleem Khan Saturday said that the process of change in the country has started from the top with a clear reduction in corruption in the last two years. He said that sitting rulers did not set up private factories nor did they reward their relatives from the national treasury or form a royal family.

Speaking on the completion of two years after the general elections (25th July), Abdul Aleem Khan said that Prime Minister Imran Khan had saved millions of rupees from the national exchequer by not setting up camp offices and did not spend Government money on his private foreign trips like the previous rulers.

Abdul Aleem Khan vowed that In Sha Allah, the next three years will be spent in implementing the party manifesto, alleviating the problems of the people and moving the country on the path of true development and prosperity.

He said that July 25 was also memorable in this regard when the people of the country have given a clear mandate in favor of change through the power of vote and by electing Prime Minister Imran Khan they have proved their sanity.

He said that money laundering and building properties abroad in the last two years have also been stopped and instead of that consuming taxpayers’ money was made on development and the PTI Government laid the foundation of a new Pakistan in these two years.

He further said that despite financial and other difficulties in the last two years, the country has moved forward, Prime Minister Imran Khan has taken clear instance on his electoral agenda. Senior Minister said that global epidemic like Corona has been better dealt with under the present leadership of Prime Minister Imran Khan’s strategy for Covd-19 has been proved correct with the passage of time. He said that expenditure of Government agencies including Prime Minister’s House has been significantly reduced. He said that in the last two years, kinship and family politics have not been promoted in the country and there is no supervision of one’s own people on Government money.

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