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Maryams’s interview ‘reveals true nature’: ministers


Federal ministers on Thursday maintained that PML-N leader Maryam Nawaz hinting at the possibility of negotiations with the “establishment” had revealed the “true nature” of those “serving their own interests under the garb of democracy”.

In response to the PML-N vice president’s interview wherein she called for the removal of the “fake government” as a prerequisite for such a dialogue to take place, Federal Information Minister Shibli Faraz tweeted that the garb of democracy donned by “political impersonators” was falling off and the nation could see their true nature.

“I have been saying from the first day that they [opposition parties] have no ideology,” he added. “They only care about their personal interests. Those who change their stance every day cannot be worthy of the leading the people.”

In a separate statement, Shibli said Maryam had become irrelevant in the country’s politics.

“She [Maryam] should tell the nation about her family’s assets and ill-gotten money plundered from the public funds. The whole nation wants Maryam Nawaz to disclose the details of assets and wealth in by Nawaz Sharif ‘s possession here and abroad.”

Speaking about a meeting between Bilawal Bhutto Zardari and Maryam a day earlier, the minister said it indicated their defeat in the upcoming polls in Gilgit-Baltistan.

 “The meeting hints at their parties’ defeat in the G-B elections,” he tweeted.

 “Now they will prepare a new plan to beat the drum of ‘rigging’,” he added.

 “They only accept the elections to be fair when they win. These meetings cannot change the bleak future of the PDM [Pakistan Democratic Movement.”

Federal Science and Technology Minister Fawad Chaudhry ruled out the possibility of any negotiations taking place, describing Maryam as a “liar”. “She has always lied about her assets and properties,” the minister said while talking to a private TV channel.

He added that Maryam’s demand that the existing system be rolled back was unconstitutional and undemocratic.

“Maryam has lost the support of her party leaders and activists. Calling for the establishment to meddle in political affairs is an unconstitutional stance adopted by her.”

The minister said Maryam and her father, PML-N supremo and former premier Nawaz Sharif, were criticising national institutions for their personal interests. “Nawaz Sharif should return to the country to face the corruption cases against him.”

Railways Minister Sheikh Rashid maintained that Maryam’s interview had exposed her “political immaturity”.

“Inviting the ‘establishment’ to remove the ruling party through an unconstitutional manner shows her immaturity,” he told a private TV channel.


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