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Lahore administration ordered to crackdown against smoke-emitting vehicles, factories

The administration of Punjab’s capital city has ordered a crackdown on smoke-emitting vehicles factories in a bid to eliminate the heavy smog that blankets Lahore during winters.

As part of the district administration’s measures to eliminate the concerning smog, Commissioner Lahore Zulfiqar Ahmad Ghuman gave the green signal to a crackdown on smoke-emitting vehicles. Factories that emit smoke despite clear instructions should be sealed, Ghuman advised.

Action in accordance with the law should be taken against those who burn waste from kilns, he added, noting that a joint team would conduct anti-smog operations across Lahore six days a week.

According to the commissioner, at least 462 vehicles were fined and 45 impounded over the past 20 days. In total, the fines imposed on smoke-emitting vehicles amounted to Rs375,000.

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