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Karachi winters expected to be longer this year: PMD

The PMD spokesperson said October’s average temperature in Karachi was 21.9°C. The News/via

KARACHI: Winters in the port city are expected to be longer this year, an official of the Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) warned, noting that the relevant outlook would be released in the first week of November.

In a daily forecast report issued Wednesday, the PMD spokesperson said Karachi’s weather is expected to get colder at night over the course of the next two-to-four days.

The changing weather is expected to bring colder nights in the port city over the next few days, they said. “Due to a change in the wind direction over [every] 24 hours, the weather gets chillier at night.”

The spokesperson mentioned that October’s average temperature was 21.9°C; however, “these days the temperature is being recorded at 17.5°C, which is lower than normal”.

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