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Karachi weather to remain hot and dry for next four to five days: Met Office

KARACHI: Hot and dry weather is expected to prevail in Karachi for the next four to five days, Director Meteorological Department Sardar Sarfaraz said Friday.

Safaraz said that the metropolis may experience hot, humid weather and there is likely to be a decrease in the speed of sea winds in the next couple of days.

He said that Karachi may witness hot and dry winds to be blown from the north-eastern areas and temperature may remain between 37-39°C.

Sarfaraz said that today there may be low air pressure in the Bay of Bengal which may encounter a depression in the coming days.

The director Met Office said that cyclones are formed in the Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal during the months of October and November. If depression reaches central India then wind direction may change in Karachi.

He further said that there is no direct threat to Pakistan’s coastal line from the wind depression.

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