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Karachi: Fire at bundling processing plant spreads to two additional structures in Landhi

A major fire broke out in a packaging factory in the Landhi processing zone and spread to two more adjacent factories in Karachi.

The teams of firefighters and rescue workers are consistently trying to douse the blaze, but the fire has spread to two more factories in the Landhi processing zone.

The personnel of Sindh Rangers have also rushed to the site and started providing assistance to the firefighters and rescue teams, said the spokesperson. The security officials have safely brought out all employees from the factory.
According to the spokesperson of Landhi Export Processing Zone, the fire erupted in a packaging factory and later spread to the second factory where clothing items are being manufactured. The cause of the blaze could not be ascertained as the factory was closed.

Rescue sources said that assets worth millions in the factories turned into ashes due to the third-grade blaze, whereas, walls of two factories fell down in the incident.

Sources said the affected factories were the manufacturers of packaging, garment and paper items.

Following the spread of the blaze, the firefighting and rescue teams have summoned more vehicles and hydrants at the site.

The Managing Director of Karachi Water and Sewerage Board (KWSB) said that the emergency measures were implemented in all hydrants and 20 water tankers were dispatched to help out the firefighting teams. The water supply to the fire brigades will be continued until the blaze is completed doused in the factories.

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