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Iqbal plays down claims of rifts within PML-N

 PML-N secretary-general Ahsan Iqbal. — The News/Files

There are no differences between PML-N leaders, the party’s secretary-general Ahsan Iqbal said  Sunday, as he vowed to oust the PTI-led government.

Speaking in Geo News programme “Naya Pakistan”, he dismissed the notion that there were no ideological differences between PML-N president Shehbaz Sharif and PML-N supremo Nawaz Sharif.

“Any member of the party is free to express their opinion, but all members stick to whatever decision the party arrives at over any matter,” he said.

Iqbal said the PML-N “owns Nawaz’s statement” and is starting a democratic resistance against the incumbent government along with other opposition parties.

The PML-N secretary-general said that the current circumstances call for a “reset” and that it is a time for self-reflection. He said the country’s political parties must realise their shortcomings in the past.

Iqbal said that the opposition’s efforts must be viewed as a political struggle; it is not aiming at an armed resistance.

He said that there was a need to move the country from the tracks that it had been on for the last 72 years. “We have to ensure that the constitution is upheld, that there is freedom of the judiciary, and a transparent political system.”

Referring to yesterday’s meeting between parliamentary leaders of the party and the media, Iqbal said that it was an important one, as Shehbaz highlighted the efforts made during his government in Punjab to save the national exchequer’s funds.

Talking about the Tallal Chaudry incident, which continues to be mired in controversy, he said that the PML-N had formed a four-member fact-finding committee to probe the event.

Iqbal said everyone is aware of “the sort of politics that government representatives do”. He urged everyone to avoid baseless speculation in the matter.

Iqbal, assuring that a transparent probe would be conducted, said that a woman had been made part of the committee.

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