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Implementation of ‘Pakistaniyat’ needed | The Express Tribune


As the country celebrates its 73rd Independence Day, speakers at multiple dialogues and roundtables on Thursday called for practically implementing the national ethos of ‘Pakistaniyat’ and for that purpose, reawakening the vision of the country of its founder.

In a discussion on “Concept of Pakistaniyat: Possibilities and Boundaries” by the Pakistan Academy of Letters (PAL) Dr Abid Sial, Dr Farrukh Nadeem and Dr Ravish Nadeem deliberated over the sense of the national identity.

PAL Chairman Dr Yousuf Kushk said that the concept of ‘Pakistaniyat’ had emerged after the creation of Pakistan, though its foundation had been laid even before Pakistan was formed. Dr Abid Sial said that the concept of Pakistaniyat still needs to be put into practice.

The colours of the cultures and languages of all the provinces of Pakistan must be combined and painted in the colours of nationality.

Dr Farrukh Nadeem said that with an ideology we have to unite the culture, civilization and culture of all the provinces to forge unity. In this regard, he said that writers can be critical in connecting to culture.

Dr Khalid Fayyaz said that by sharing culture and languages within Pakistan, the country can unite its people.

Dr Ravish Nadeem said that the region where Pakistan exists today was known as the Indus Valley for centuries. Hence, the culture and civilization of this region are starkly different from that of India.

Published in The Express Tribune, August 14th, 2020.

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