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“If you don’t vote, then a puppet will rule you”, Bilawal Bhutto

PPP chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari on Sunday urged the people of Gilgit-Baltistan to shape their own fate by making the right choice on election day and to exercise their right to vote instead of abstaining from it.

“If you don’t vote, then a puppet will rule you,” he warned.

Bilawal said that voices demanding the construction of roads and threatening a boycott of voting have been growing louder. “I hear slogans such as ‘no road, no vote’ are being raised. Removing yourself from the voting process is not the path to success,” he said.

The PPP chairman urged the people to vote for his party, saying: “I will resolve all your problems.”

Bilawal, inaugurating the party’s election campaign office in the district’s Nasirabad area, said: “I’m moving around every nook and corner of Gilgit-Baltistan”.

He said: “I have to fulfil the mission of Shaheed Bibi. We will give the people of this area their rights.”

“We are related to the people of this area for the last three generations and we have to revive again this relationship,” Bilawal said.

The PPP chairman promised to provide jobs to local residents in the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) project.

He said that Gilgit-Baltistan is at the doors of CPEC but people here ask where CPEC is.

Bilawal also vowed to make Gilgit-Baltistan a constitutional province.

He promised that the party will play its due role to save the people from difficulties, especially at a time when coronavirus is raging in the country.

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