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ICC evolves sector-wise plan to address civic issues

ISLAMABAD   –   Islamabad Citizens Committee (ICC) has evolved a sector-wise consolidated plan to address the civic problems of the federal capital.

The plan will soon be presented to the Mayor of Islamabad for necessary action. This was announced here by the President of ICC, Syed M. Siddiq Hasan at a meeting of ICC Executive Council.

The plan underlined some serious problems being faced by the residents that needed urgent attention of the Capital Development Authority (CDA), ICT administration and the Mayor IMC.

The ICC, established in 1977 by late Syed M. Shakir Hasan, father of Syed M. Siddiq Hasan, is striving hard to improve and upgrade the living status of the citizen of the federal Capital in line with the CDA’s Master Plan.

Syed M. Siddiq Hasan, who was re-elected as President ICC for the next two-year term by the Executive Committee, said that shortage of water, deteriorating sanitation system and growing encroachment had badly affected the life of the citizens of Islamabad.

The ICC, he said had always been cooperating with the local authorities for improving civic conditions. It has also been extending a helping hand to the ICT police for improving the security condition in the city.

About the proposed plan, he said it carried a number suggestions for improving general cleanliness, sewerage works, cleaning of streets, roads, construction of foot paths and maintenance of parks, etc.

There are some other problems, like defective street and traffic lights and traffic hazards like, enforcement of one way traffic in and around all major markets of Islamabad.


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