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Here’s how to perform Eid prayers at home during coronavirus outbreak

Eid-ul-Fitr, which is normally the most-awaited event for Muslims in a year, does not seem to be as festive this time due to the ongoing coronavirus scare and social distancing measures.

According to the official Fatwa Centre in the United Arab Emirates, the Eid prayers can be performed at home either individually, or in a small group led by the head of the family (father) without a sermon, reported Gulf Today.

In a recent statement released, the Centre called the Eid prayers a Sunnah Muakkadah (highly recommended) for fit and able-bodied men, adding that its optional but recommended for women, young children and travellers.

The Centre, in its statement, also laid out the method by which prayer can be performed individually or within a group of family members.

Eid prayer has two Rak’ah and starts with seven Takbeers (saying Allah o’ Akbar) in the first Rak’ah and six in the second.

After Takbeers, the prayer leader or the individual must loudly read Surat Al Fatiha, and full or part of verses from another Surah.

Pakistan will observe Eid on May 24 this year. Scholars and political leaders have urged the public to celebrate the occasion with simplicity while ensuring protective measures against the virus.

Pakistan is among the top 20 countries in terms of cases as it recorded more than 52,000 infections on Saturday. The total death total has exceeded 1,100.

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