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Govt to use all resources to bring down food prices from next week: PM Imran Khan

Prime Minister Imran Khan announced on Saturday that from next week, his government will be using “all the resources” available to ensure a reduction in food prices in the country.

“Starting Monday, in the coming week, our government will use all resources at the disposal of the state to bring food prices down,” PM Imran Khan tweeted on Saturday.

Meanwhile, Minister of State for Industries and Production Hammad Azhar said imported wheat and sugar will be released at control rates by provinces to alleviate the inflationary pressure on the masses.

The PM said the government is already examining the reasons behind the recent hike in the prices of food items.

He said the government is investigating if there is a genuine supply shortage, hoarding by mafias, smuggling or a rise in international prices.

PM Imran Khan said the government was checking if the price hike may be due to an increase in “international prices” for palm oil, lentils or any other item.

“From next week, we will have our strategy in place and action will begin using all state organisations and resources to bring down food prices,” vowed PM Imran Khan.

Shortly afterwards, Hammad Azhar tweeted a graph to make the point that food inflation was witnessing a temporary spike in South Asia.

“South Asia has witnessed a temporary food inflation spike. Govt will take all measures needed to reduce prices of essential commodities. Imported wheat and sugar will be released at control rates by provinces. All options are being examined for other commodities,” he tweeted.

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