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Govt starts compiling list of opp leaders ahead of PDM rallies


Ahead of the opposition Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM)’s march, the Special Branch Political Wing has started compiling lists of their active leaders and workers.

These lists will be presented to the Punjab government and arrests will be made if deemed necessary.

Sources told The Express Tribune that in view of political confrontation in the country and opposition’s Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM), the special branch has initiated the process to compile the lists of opposition leaders.

The day to day activities of the active leaders and workers of PML-N, PPP, JUI-F and other parties are being secretly watched.

The process of preparing secret reports of the opposition parties involving their political activities, workers’ convention, media coverage and other sittings on provincial and district level has begun.

Sources said that the special branch was keeping a watch on all the opposition and religious-political parties.

The authorities have started their homework to keep a check on the anti-government meetings, public gatherings and long marches.

The political wing of the special branch has comprised different teams, which has been assigned a particular task under which the movement of the active opposition leaders, their meetings and other activities are being monitored.

Sources further said that ahead of a big protest or movement by the opposition parties, the special branch will intimate the provincial government about the facts relating to them.

The decisions will be taken accordingly, and if needed, the active leaders and workers of the opposition parties will be taken into custody with the help of police.

The special branch has started bringing into use all their resources for the purpose.

In order to apprise the authorities of the updates, the recordings of workers’ convention, public gatherings and meetings are being sent to the Punjab government.

It has been made mandatory for the opposition parties to obtain the permission of the district government for holding any political gathering and the NOC for the purpose will be issued with the assistance of the special branch.

The clearance for the location of political gathering, security arrangements and other issues will granted after receiving report from the special branch so that law and order situation in the country is not compromised.


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