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‘Digitalised tax collection framework imperative for country’s advancement, masses welfare’

Speaker National Assembly Asad Qaiser has said that FBR, being the main tax collecting agency, has the prime responsibility to collect taxes for revenue generation of the country. He said that revenue generation is directly proportional to the performance of the FBR.

He expressed these views while meeting the Javed Ghani Chairman FBR in Islamabad on Tuesday. Asad Qaiser said that taxation is the basic tool for revenue collection of all developing and developed states. He said that revenue generated by taxation is used for the welfare of the masses across the country.

Talking on the event, Javed Ghani told that FBR has been digitalized as most of the operations of FBR have been digitalised and assess payers can have superior get to to all offices of FBR through internet. He commented that FBR is the most Tax collecting agency within the nation and it is basic to upgrade its execution.

Speaker NA commented that digitalisation of the charge collection framework will clear for the way better and smooth tax collection. He moreover pushed on the got to make tax collection open neighborly.

He said that facilitating public taxation matters will amply increase taxation. He appreciated the performance of the FBR as it has made efforts to achieve its revenue targets.

He also remarked that exporters are the basic component of taxation in the country therefore special facilitation is provided to exporters by all tax collecting agencies. He especially mentioned and appreciated the FBR initiative to facilitate the exporter at Afghan Transit Trade Route.

He thinks that taxpayers’ inviting picture of the FBR is the essential to keep the believe of the citizens intaglio on the FBR. He said that open picture of the FBR may be made strides by open neighborly activities of the FBR particularly the utilize of Data communication innovation can clear way for the way better picture of the FBR.

He further stressed on the need to facilitate exporters at Afghan Transit Trade route.

He expressed the hope that FBR would make all out efforts to facilitate the general public in this regard. Chairman FBR especially appreciated the honorable Speaker concern in this regard.

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