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CTD shoots dead five terrorists in Rojhan

The Counter Terrorism Department (CTD) on Friday killed five psychological militants in an activity in Rojhan, a zone in Rajanpur region of Punjab.

According to subtleties, the CTD on a hint led search activity in Arbi Taba region. Seeing the CTD group, the fear based oppressors started shooting and in retaliatory fire five of the psychological militants were dead.

Arms and a bomb of 10 to 15 kg were recouped from the ownership of the killed fear based oppressors.

On June 10, two claimed fear based oppressors having a place with a prohibited outfit were captured in an attack by Counter-Terrorism Department from Bhakkar.

As indicated by subtleties, the confined people whose names have been uncovered to be Muhammad Ullah and Fazal Razzaq were associated with flawed exercises, said a CTD representative.

Gift receipts and prohibited writing were recouped from their ownership by law authorization authorities.

CTD police headquarters has enrolled a FIR against the people and a case has been recorded to examine the issue further.

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