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CCPO Lahore apologizes for his controversial statement regarding motorway incident

CCPO Lahore has apologized for his controversial statement about lahore motorway incident.

On 9th September, a woman was dragged to nearest bushes and gang-raped by two men on Lahore-Sialkot motorway while she was seeking help due to out of petrol in her car at linked road near Gojra. The accused not only tortured her but also raped her in front of her childern.

Following the incident CCPO had said that the woman should have checked petrol before stepping up on the Motorway and should not travel at night without any male company.

CCPO is facing severe criticism on his statement, people and the politicians demanding his resignation while Chief Justice Lahore High Court also asked for report from the goverment on CCPO’s statement.

However, CCPO Umar Shiekh has apologized on his controversial statement.

“I am sorry if anyone get offended by my statemet”. CCPO said during a meeting with Governor Punjab.

I apologies from my sisters, Brothers and the civil society, I didn’t had any wrong meaning or intention, I apologize to my sister who got raped and all the section of society. He said

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