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Britain’s Got Talent judges praise ‘magical’ Pakistani teen

Britain’s Got Talent judges praise ‘magical’ Pakistani teen

LONDON: This year’s Britain’s Got Talent has seen teenage British-Pakistani singer Sirine Jahangir being described as the “magical”, “unique”, and “special” by the judges after she impressed millions through an emotional performance at the semi-finals of the show.

Jahangir, 14, won millions of hearts with her rendition of Ruelle’s “Carry You”. She is the granddaughter of Sahibzada Jahangir, one of Prime Minister Imran Khan’s oldest friends and his spokesperson on Trade and Investment in the UK and Europe.

The hosts of the show, Ant and Dec, noted that there was not only pin drop silence throughout her performance, but the judges and the audience were so blown away that it made Sirine emotional too and she broke down at the end of her performance — making almost everyone cry with her.

She stepped away from the piano and was escorted by her father Kafeel Jahangir to the middle of the stage. The judges and the audience rose to their feet to appreciate her spell bounding performance.

The incredible performance was truly a mesmerising one impressing the judges so much that they did not mince their words when it came to praising the talented teenager.

“That was just magical. It was angelic, beautifully sung and tender and vulnerable. I just feel that you have got something unique. I think you are going to be huge. It was just gorgeous,” an emotional Amanda Holden told Sirine.

Meanwhile, Ashley Banjo, who was standing in for Simon Cowell, said: “Magical is the right word. What you did with your voice and piano is [wha only] few performers can do. I was transported, your voice literally transported me [somehwere] else and it was only when you finished that I sort of came back to the chair and went, wow. Well done, you should be really proud of yourself.”

“Sometimes, I think, when you are a special talent you don’t need all the bells and whistles. You can just sit there, play the piano and sing and it will connect with millions and millions of people. And I think we just witnessed that. It was a very, very special performance and I was very sad for you when you started crying at the end. So, I hope they were happy tears because you have actually done incredibly well. I don’t think it could have gone any better,” the other judge David Walliams told Sirine.

Alesha Dixon agreed with the fellow judges and said: “I think this is one of those moments that just takes your breath away and it doesn’t happen all the time on the show.” She added that there was an an “honesty, purity and sincerity” about the teenager which she said was “very rare” to find.

“And you know, your job is to sit there and sing and make us feel something. We all were so connected to you and that song, you couldn’t have done a better job,” Dixon told Sirine.

The British-Pakistani has managed to get a spot in the top three along with magician Magical Bones and dance troupe X1X Crew but she has yet to make it through to the grand final in October.

Sirine to visit Pakistan during school holidays

In an interview with Geo News at her North London residence, two months ago, Sirine shared that her life changed instantly from singing in her living room for her brothers to singing to millions of people live and then getting noticed by people across the world.

Sirine also shared that she had met PM Imran Khan years ago in her home. She recalled that at that time she could see from one eye but later suffered from complete blindness.

Sahibzada Jahangir, a PTI leader in UK and grandfather of Sirine, while talking about his granddaughter’s performance, said it was “now up to the public” to vote for Sirine’s inclusion in the final that will be held on October 10.

“The judges have said that Sirine is a special talent, magical and outstanding. Each and everyone who saw her perform twice at one the biggest talent platforms of the world has said the same that Sirine is a super talented child who has beaten odds to warm millions of hearts. Tens of thousands of people have been moved by her personal story of courage and inspiration and we are indebted to everyone for their support,” said Jahangir.

The PTI leader also shared that his granddaughter was also invited by a charity providing free eye treatment in Pakistan, to be their guest speaker in October.

“During school holidays Sirine will be visiting Pakistan and will travel through the villages to inspire and encourage the handicap children in need,” the PTI leader said. 

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