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Asset details of PM’s special assistants, advisers made public

Minister for Information Shibli Faraz Saturday night said that asset details and other nationalities of all the special assistants and advisers to Prime Minister Imran Khan are now available for public viewing.

He said that the details have been shared on the Cabinet Division website as instructed by the prime minister.

The following is a break down of the major assets held by the special assistants and advisers of the prime minister, along with other nationalities, if any.

Special Assistants

Sania Nishtar

The Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Poverty Alleviation and Social Safety Sania Nishtar does not have a dual nationality, according to the documents.

Nishtar, along with her husband, have a total bank balance of Rs14.8 million. The only car, a Honda Civic (2014) is in the name of Nishtar’s husband.

Nishtar owns jewelry worth Rs500,000 and has inherited property of 9.6 marlas in Peshawar.

Other nationality: None

Nadeem Babar

Nadeem Babar is the Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Petroleum Division with the status of Minister of State.

He owns assets worth Rs2.184 billion, including multiple properties in Pakistan as well as foreign destinations. Babar has stakes in over two dozen companies in companies based out of Pakistan.

Other nationality: US

Usman Dar

Muhammad Usman Dar is the Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Youth Affairs.

He has cash in hand and at bank worth Rs35.06 million, his investment in shares is worth Rs20.17 million, and his business capital stands at Rs6.68 million.

Other nationality: None

Lt Gen (retd) Asim Saleem Bajwa

Lt Gen (retd) Asim Saleem Bajwa is Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Information & Broadcasting, in an honorary capacity.

His immovable property is worth Rs151.433 million — two in Islamabad, two in Karachi, two in Lahore and one each in Rahim Yar Khan and Bahawalpur.

Shares worth Rs3,100,000 have been bought in his wife’s name.

The documents have listed one car, the Toyota ZX 2016, worth Rs3 million.

Two bank accounts in Islamabad have Rs291,000 and Rs1,239, respectively. Lt Gen Bajwa also has a foreign currency account in Rawalpindi containing $4,149.

Other nationality: None

Tania Aidrus

Tania Aidrus is Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Digital Pakistan.

Aidrus has four immovable properties held outside Pakistan — two in the US and one each in the UK and Singapore — which when converted to Pakistani rupees, have a value of Rs452.69 million. The properties in Singapore and US are under mortgage.

The premier’s aide has no property within Pakistan.

She has an investment in a venture capital worth Rs12.51 million and has declared remittances from foreign account to Pakistan worth $95,790.

Aidrus has a bank balance in various accounts both in Pakistan and abroad worth Rs34.39 million, whereas her husband has cash in bank worth Rs9.29 million in foreign accounts.

She owns a car, Toyota Fortuner, and jewelry worth Rs5 million, the documents revealed.

Other nationality: Canada

Permanent residency: Singapore

Moeed Yusuf

Dr Moeed Yusuf is the Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on National Security Division and Strategic Policy Planning with the status of Minister of State.

Documents showed that Dr Yusuf has total assets worth Rs113.76 million.

He has land worth Rs25.6 million and stocks worth more than Rs600,000.

Dr Yusuf owns two cars, an Audi A3 worth Rs4.22 million and a Morris Car which was gifted, bringing the total valuation of the vehicles to Rs8.54 million.

He has Rs1.03 million cash in hand and Rs73.26 million at the bank.

Other nationality: None

Permanent Residency: US, but not availing


Dr Abdul Hafeez Shaikh

Dr Abdul Hafeez Shaikh who is the Adviser on Finance and Revenue with the status of Federal Minister, has agricultural land worth Rs20 million and his wife has a house in Dubai worth Rs130 million.

He has transferred $36,000 (roughly Rs6 million) from a foreign account to a bank account here in Pakistan.

Dr Shaikh has a total bank balance of Rs135 million in both Pakistani and foreign accounts.

According to the documents, he has a Mercedes E-Class worth Rs5 million.

Other nationality: None

Dr Ishrat Hussain

Dr Ishrat Hussain is the Adviser on Institutional Reforms and Austerity with the status of Federal Minister.

Dr Hussain owns a residence worth Rs45 million and a plot worth Rs11 million in the name of his wife, both in Karachi. He also owns three properties in the US worth $800,000, $625,000 and $715,000.

He has stocks worth Rs32 million and has invested in national saving schemes worth Rs8 million.

The special adviser has a 2019 Toyota Corolla worth Rs2.3 million and gold and diamond jewelry worth Rs29.7 million.

His cash at bank in Pakistan totals Rs3.2 million and abroad totals $348,000.

Other nationality: None

Dr Abdul Razzak Dawood

Dr Abdul Razzak Dawood is the Adviser on Commerce and Investment with the status of Federal Minister.

He owns Rs30.45 million in agricultural lands, has a non-agricultural land worth Rs41.51 million in his name and one worth Rs74.21 million in his wife’s name.

He has declared business capital worth Rs35,533.

Dawood owns shares worth Rs521.30 million, whereas his wife owns stock worth Rs51.85 million.

He has invested Rs29.38 million in Defence Savings Certificate and Rs275 million in mutual funds. His wife also owns mutual funds worth Rs131.1 million.

The adviser has Rs315.86 million cash in hand and Rs28.42 million cash at bank, while his wife has Rs117.59 million in hand and Rs4.5 million at bank, the documents showed.

The adviser’s wife also owns jewelry worth Rs5.20 million.

Other nationality: None

Malik Amin Aslam Khan

Malik Amin Aslam Khan is Adviser on Climate Change, with the status of Federal Minister.

He owns 14 immovable assets — land which was either gifted or inherited and one, for which instalments are underway. The same goes for his children who own seven properties, inherited or gifted. His wife owns two, one which was inherited and one which is valued at Rs1.07 million.

The adviser has a bank balance of Rs5.58 million in Pakistan, and 27,011 pounds and $1,310 dollars in foreign banks. His wife has Rs9.15 million in her local bank account, the documents showed.

Khan owns two vehicles — Toyota Prado (2005) worth Rs2 million and Toyota Harrier (2010) worth Rs4.5 million. His wife owns a Toyota Corolla (2018) worth Rs2.7 million.

Other nationality: None

Babar Awan

Zaheer-ud-din Babar Awan is the Adviser on Parliamentary Affairs with the status of Federal Minister.

According to the documents, Awan holds agricultural/open land worth Rs45.42 million, and one inherited worth Rs600,000. He also owns non-agricultural land Rs112.08 million.

The adviser also declared a property in Spain worth Rs11 million.

He owns six vehicles worth Rs16.8 million, has invested Rs4.7 million in his business, owns jewelry worth Rs2 million and furniture worth Rs2 million.

The documents also showed that the adviser has a golf club membership worth Rs300,000 and agricultural equipment of Rs1.8 million.

Other nationality: None

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