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Army head was ‘missing in action’ after being dropped in the wrong field | UK News

The head of the army was “missing in action” after being dropped in the wrong field, it has been revealed.

General Sir Mark Carleton-Smith, a former SAS commander, was dropped in the wrong field during a visit to Salisbury Plain training area on Tuesday night.

According to The Sun, he had been brought in on a Wildcat helicopter to boost troops’ morale during a military exercise.

He had jumped out of the chopper but realised he was lost when he realised there was nobody on the ground to meet him.

The helicopter flew away and left him behind.

An anonymous general told the newspaper: “These things happen more than you might realise”.

They added that the general would have been able to see “the funny side”.

He was eventually found by a greeting party.

The army said the general “was never lost” but, instead, was “not where they were expecting him”.

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