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Another consignment of wheat arrives


A second ship carrying 60,000 metric tonnes of wheat reached Karachi Port from Ukraine on Wednesday.

According to the Ministry of National Food Security, the quality of the imported wheat will be checked after which, it will be allowed to release.

Until now, 120,000 tonnes of wheat has reached Pakistan, while the first consignment of 60,000 tonnes of the commodity that had arrived earlier had been supplied.

Both the consignments had been imported by the private sector.

Officials noted that a reduction in the price of wheat of Rs200 per maund had been witnessed in Karachi, while a cut of up to Rs5 per kilogramme in the rate of atta had been seen.

It is expected that after the arrival of the second consignment, the price of atta will further fall by Rs3 per kilogramme.

The third consignment of wheat will reach Karachi Port on September 8.

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