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Airbus technical team leaves for Pakistan

PARIS: The team of renowned plane manufacturing company, Airbus, has left for Pakistan to investigate the recent crash of one of its own manufactured aircraft in Karachi.

The team of technical advisers left for Pakistan on board special flight AEB1888 of Airbus A330 from French city, Toulouse. The team is due in the country on Tuesday morning. The team members will inspect the runway of Karachi airport and the mishap site.

The Pakistan International Airlines plane crashed into a narrow residential street in Karachi on Friday, damaging several houses in a densely-populated area in the vicinity of the airport. Of the 99 people aboard, 97 were killed and only two passengers survived.

Airbus will run an independent investigation into the crash, which reportedly happened due to an engine failure.

The authorities have cordoned off the mishap site and banned the transfer of objects from the site until Airbus team arrives.

In an earlier letter, the Airbus team said that they do not have any conclusive details regarding the crash.

The Pakistan International Airlines and the Air France will also assist the plane manufacturer in the investigation.

The PK-8303 tragedy has become the third most-catastrophic aviation disaster in  the country’s history.

In a recent letter issued on Sunday to all airlines operating the A320 narrow-body jets, Airbus said it will provide full technical cooperation to the PIA, Air France, and engine manufacturer CFM International after the crash.

The company also conveyed its condolences to and solidarity with the families of those killed in the accident.

It said the aircraft’s registration and manufacturer serial numbers were APBLD and 2274, respectively. The plane was handed over to the PIA in 2014 and had completed 47,100 flight hours and 25,860 flight cycles until its crash, it added.

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