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The Story Behind

Fazal Qureshi
CEO techmagnet

Truth to be told always, 

There is no rocket science involved in making this website, 

I, started my web designing career in july 2018 by joining free courses offered by Digiskills.pk, during that time, i enrolled myself in variety of courses i-e wordpress, SEO, Digital Marketing, Graphic Designing and E-Commerce.

Websites and web developing always fascinates me that how coding and scripts make these wonderful pages to be so eye catching and amazing.

By learning WordPress, i realised that without coding knowledge i really can built a fabulous and amazing website, so i started working in WordPress and end up in getting a web hosting and a domain name, the pure intension behind this website was to make a successful portfolio for my clients in freelancing but after i bought another domain to accomplish that, this news website is just for information and 

“now i am working as independent freelancer and entrepreneur”